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Family Law

A divorce or custody battle can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life. Your spouse may be trying to take your children and your property. In Colorado, the District Courts that have jurisdiction over family law case are courts of equity. These Courts have tremendous power to decide how often you may see your children, how to distribute marital property, and whether to award spousal maintenance (alimony).

The judge who makes these important and long lasting decisions knows little about you, your family, or your situation. Most of what they judge knows about you comes from what is written by your spouse or your spouse's lawyer in the petition for dissolution or other pleadings.

The judge is simply there to apply the law to the facts of your case. However, the judge is not your advocate and therefore may not address the important issues or identify the important facts in your case.

Without an experienced advocate to correctly identify and fight for your issues, you may be left with an unfair and unjust outcome that is both long lasting and life changing.

The Law Firm of Matthew Beach, LLC uses the law and experience to ensure issues of child custody, property division, and support heard by the court and resolve in your favor.

The Law Firm of Matthew Beach, LLC accepts family law cases in the following areas:

Divorce | Child Abduction Prevention | Child Custody | Child Support | Complex Financial Investments | Division of Property | Protection Orders | Restriction of Parenting Time | Termination of Parental Rights | Common Law Marriages